Clever Ideas for USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are handy devices that provide many benefits. They hold massive amounts of data, can be used on any computer or mobile device, and help keep confidential information safe and secure. Paper copies can be cumbersome and may be seen by unauthorized personnel. Since most people use them often, businesses will buy USBs as a promotional gift.


The small size of flash drives is both a convenience and a nuisance. They will fit in a pocket, but can also get lost fast. Most people have three or four of them around the house or the office. A hole at the bottom of custom flash drives makes them easy to affix to a key chain so they are less likely to get misplaced. A flash drive with the company logo on it that hangs from a chain will be used more and seen by more people.

Another clever idea for custom USBs is to have them made into an odd or specific shape to capture attention. A flash drive that resembles a lawnmower, for example, is perfect for a landscaping company. People passing by the cubicle will notice it sticking out of the computer of a coworker. Most will stop to ask about it and wonder where they could get one.

Add Information

Companies that manufacturer custom drives can place information right onto the flash drive. That can be a business card, a brochure, or a copy of a promotional video. A quick glimpse of the business logo is enough to let users know where they got the cool drive from. When the user plugs it into any device, they will be reminded of the business. Keep the information short to avoid it from getting annoying over time.


Flash drives are are useful. popular, and fun when customized for a business. They are also cost-effective. Ordering some for a mailing, a trade show, or an exhibition will not break the advertising budget of even a small business. The return on the investment is high. Have some created for the next event to determine if the custom drive is the right promotional gift for your business.


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